The A-Z of Digital Marketing

At Creative Monk, we offer any and every services that are required by a brand to be Digital Ready! Being visible isn’t the only thing your business needs to win this digital war, it needs to have all the right tools to win the war. Our digital marketing services will help you to not only get out in front of everyone but also in creating a loyal fan base among the right target audience.


Social Media Management & Marketing

Take your business to new height with our digital marketing strategies. Reach new audience and get discovered by relevant target audience on the internet.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get discovered by the right audience at the right time and in the right place, organically. Through our effective SEO strategies, get ranked on the top of relevant search queries across different search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

Leverage the power of keywords and relevant search phrases to boost the presence of your brand on the internet. Reach a newer and wider scope of potential customers by running paid ads on keywords that are relevant and meaningful to your brand.


Give a unique personality to your brand with our Branding Strategies. Right from conceptualisation to execution, we will help your brand grow and become a well-known face in the market.

Reports & Analysis

Get monthly reports of how your digital campaigns are performing across different platforms through our detailed and comprehensive analysis.

E-commerce Management

Manage all your e-commerce and marketplace listings with an ease through our superior e-commerce management system. With it, keep a proper track of your inventory records, respond to customer queries across multiple marketplaces with just one click.

Website & Mobile App Development

Interact with your customers where they spend their most time- on their mobile phones. Offer your customers a unique brand experience through our dynamic and interactive websites and mobile applications.

Content Development & Marketing

Content is the centre-piece in any digital campaign. Create stunning and on-point content in different formats- audio (Podcast), video (YouTube Videos), still images (Social Media Posts), and text (Blog).

Email & WhatsApp Marketing

Stay in constant touch with your customers and update them about your upcoming offers, deals, and more through email and WhatsApp marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Grow your business by partnering up with other businesses and brands that offer complementary and relevant products to your business. Expand your business reach by using user generated content and affiliate links from bigger businesses and brands.


Always stay on top of your marketing campaigns by automating it. Use the advancements in technology to your business’s advantage. With our marketing automation expertise, ace your digital presence all while you sit back and chill.


We at Creative Monk are passionate about the world of branding and digital marketing. We strive to provide excellent services to our clients through tailor-made strategies that meet their needs.

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